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“My writing works best when I remember that bookish child who adored reading and gear the work toward him.”—Bruce Coville


Bruce Coville is a man with many talents. A popular author, teacher, and playwright, he was born in Syracuse, New York on May 16, 1950. He attended Duke University, the State University of New York at Binghamton, and the State University College at Oswego, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education in 1973.

Coville’s love of reading developed early in his childhood. “I was an absolute bookaholic. My father had something to do with this. . . . If anyone were to ask me what was the best thing he ever did for me, I could reply without hesitation that he read me Tom Swift in the City of Gold. Why he happened to read this to me I was never quite certain. But it changed my life. . . . I was hooked on books. I think it was sixth grade when I first realized that writing was something that I could do, and wanted to do very much.”

The revelation that he wanted to be a children’s author came to Coville after reading Winnie the Pooh. “I suddenly knew that what I really wanted to write was children’s books—to give other children the joy that I got from books when I was young.”

Coville started to write for children when he was 18, and sold his first book when he was 27. While trying to become a published writer, Coville had many other jobs including toymaker, camp counselor, gravedigger, assembly line worker, and associate editor for a magazine. He was also a teacher for seven years; he taught second and fourth grades and specialized in gifted education during the last three years.

Coville has long had a special interest in the theater: “Acting, directing, writing—I love every aspect of it, and feel more alive when I am doing a show than at any other time.” He has written four plays, and as an actor, last appeared as William Shakespeare in George Bernard Shaw’s The Dark Lady of the Sonnets.

In 1969, Coville married illustrator Kathy Dietz. She has illustrated several of his books including The Foolish Giant, Sarah’s Unicorn, and The Monster’s Ring. They have three children, Orion, Cara, and Adam.

Bruce Coville has written many books for young readers and travels a great deal to schools all across the country to discuss his work. His book, William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, is a vivid retelling of one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. A fantastic tale of mayhem, magic, and monsters enhanced by rich, dramatic illustrations, this picture book is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare for young readers.



“A treat for beginning readers and grand make-believe.”—Publishers Weekly

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