Peter D’Epiro


Photo: © Peter Pinkowish

About the Author

Peter D’Epiro received a B.A. and M.A. from Queens College and his Ph.D. in English from Yale University. He has taught English at the secondary and college levels and worked as an editor and writer for thirty years. He has written (with Mary Desmond Pinkowish) Sprezzatura: 50 Ways Italian Genius Shaped the World (Anchor Books, 2001) and What Are the Seven Wonders of the World? and 100 Other Great Cultural Lists—Fully Explicated (Anchor Books, 1998), which has appeared in British, German, Russian, Lithuanian, and Korean editions. He has also published a book and several articles on Ezra Pound’s Cantos, a book of translations of African-American poetry into Italian, and rhymed verse translations from Dante’s Inferno. He has a grown son, Dante, and lives with his wife, Nancy Walsh, in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

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