Gerard Taylor


About the Author

Gerard Taylor is a writer living and working in the city of Oslo in Norway. He began training in capoeira in the 1980s and later received the grade Capoeira Instructor by Mestre Sombra of Associação Senzala de Santos and Mestre Sylvia Bazzarelli of the London School of Capoeira, recognized by the Brazilian Capoeira Confederation.In 1996 the author received his “formado” graduation from Mestre Sylvia Bazzarelli and Contra Mestre Marcos Aurelio Dos Santos of the London School of Capoeira. Later that year he established the Oslo Capoeira Klubb with another “formada” of the London School, Agnes Folkestad. Over the course of the next decade Taylor has trained many hundreds of students. In 2006, the Oslo Capoeira Klubb graduated formados of its own, some of whom demonstrate the movements in Capoeira 100.Since the late 1970s Taylor has worked in various fields of journalism and copywriting, including the Foundation for African Arts, and the Black Voice Newspaper. He has also contributed articles to Agogô Magazine and Brazzil Magazine. Taylor is the author of two previous works on capoeira: “Capoeira: The Jogo de Angola from Luanda to Cyberspace, Volume 1,” a comprehensive history of pre-20th century capoeira, published by North Atlantic Books in 2005; and “Capoeira Conditioning,” a whole-body training program using exercises from capoeira, published by Blue Snake Books in 2006.
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