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Hardcover $24.00

May 05, 2009 | 144 Pages

Ebook $12.99

Oct 27, 2010

  • Hardcover $24.00

    May 05, 2009 | 144 Pages

  • Ebook $12.99

    Oct 27, 2010

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"In this book, Erin has finally shared her trade secrets — the ingredients and techniques that lend BabyCakes’ desserts the flavors, textures, and happiness-factor you’d find in the best patisserie. The highest praise I can offer is this: follow her recipes to the letter and you’ll fool them every time."
—Tom Colicchio (from the Foreword)

"At BabyCakes NYC I can eat what I crave without harming my lovely animal friends–or myself. Every since that first fateful day, I’ve been waiting for this cookbook."
—Natalie Portman

"I have multiple food sensitivities…and I’d pretty much given up on the idea that I might be able to have a worthy treat every again. I was so excited to discover BabyCakes NYC, because not only can I eat everything they bake, it’s all delicious!"
—Zooey Deschanel

"The BabyCakes NYC banana bread is the best I’ve ever had and something I simply can’t live without."
—Mary Louise Parker

"Thank all that is holy for BabyCakes NYC…"
—Pamela Anderson

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