Armies of the Napoleonic Wars

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Armies of the Napoleonic Wars by
Paperback $24.95

Aug 23, 2011 | 432 Pages

  • Paperback $24.95

    Aug 23, 2011 | 432 Pages


“Well, all-in-all this is a great buy for the price, and it is certainly a great alternative to getting at least a dozen other Osprey titles separately. As an easily accesible introductory text, every Napoleonic wargamer’s library should have a copy of this book.” – History in Miniature, (October 2009)

“Two of the main strengths of the book are the illustrations and the detailed descriptions of the major armies.  The illustrations are well done.  If you are a modeler, you will appreciate the detailed, full color illustrations – these include uniforms and types of artillery used by the different national armies.  In addition, the inclusion of illustrations showing the different battle formations and movements of the infantry was a good visualization. With regards to the detailed descriptions of the major armies, the chapter’s of the book are generally divided by country.  Each chapter has a general overview of the particular country’s army and then sections on the infantry, artillery, and cavalry.  You gain a better understanding of the strategies and tactics that each country embraced in the various wars… This book is an excellent addition to any military history library.” -Jeff Grim, Collected Miscellany/ (December 2009)

[Armies of the Napoleonic Wars] covers all the armies that took part in the Napoleonic Wars, including those of relatively lesser-known, smaller countries. The book gives an overview of each army at the start of campaigns, then goes on to provide precise information on the infantry, cavalry, artillery and command structures. There is plenty of detail for those interested in the minutiae of the daily life of a Napoleonic soldier, including his rations, weapons and drill. Just about everything one would ever want to know about the armies of the Napoleonic Wars is included in this book.” -Geoff Woods, Toy Soldier & Model Figure
“This book would appear to be as rare as unubtanioum! I have to say that this book is incredible, it is a whooping 432 pages and about 180 or so of the pages are color plates from all major and some minor combatants of the Napoleonic wars!  I have been reading the French portion first and specifically about the French artillery of the period today and in reading these 6 pages or so I have learned more about French artillery then I had ever known before!” -RazorOne223, Miniature Wargames Junkie blog (6/11/2010)

“…an excellent primer and serves to whet the appetite … a lavishly illustrated hardback with text by experts on the armies of the Napoleonic Wars.” -Paul Robinson, The Wargamer (February 2011)

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