Right Turns

Ebook $11.99

Crown Forum | Dec 28, 2004 | 352 Pages | ISBN 9781400097555

  • Ebook$11.99

    Crown Forum | Dec 28, 2004 | 352 Pages | ISBN 9781400097555

  • Audiobook Download$22.50

    Random House Audio | Dec 28, 2004 | 990 Minutes | ISBN 9781415921265

  • Audiobook Download$12.50

    Random House Audio | Dec 28, 2004 | 300 Minutes | ISBN 9780739308639


Right Turns tells the hugely entertaining, ultimately inspiring story of one leftist from the ’60s who finally discovered—and liberated—his inner conservative. In the process, Michael Medved demonstrates why our side of the political divide has both better answers and more fun. His book is insightful, funny, powerful, and important.” —Rush Limbaugh

“Michael Medved provides an important and distinctive perspective on popular culture—fierce, fearless, funny, and formidable.” —Mel Gibson

“How does one go from liberal activist to conservative cultural critic? This accounting of Michael Medved’s journey is eloquent, informative, challenging, moving, and downright fascinating. I learned a lot . . . you will too!” —Dr. Laura Schlessinger

“Michael Medved is a gifted communicator and an incisive cultural critic. His political and religious autobiography, Right Turns, is more than the communication of an idea or the analysis of our culture, however. It is an educational, entertaining, and deeply enlightening journey to intellectual maturity and reason.” —William J. Bennett

“Michael Medved is the liberals’ worst nightmare—he knows their arguments, outlook, and eccentricities, having lived as one of them in his reckless youth. Unlike most Americans, Michael sat at their dinner tables and heard them speak honestly—since they didn’t realize he’d rat them out someday. Having the goods on liberals allows him to destroy their arguments. Michael’s own right turns have helped many Americans discover Right thinking, and this powerful, gripping book should win many more converts.” —Ann Coulter

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