The Fine Green Line

Ebook $13.99

Crown Archetype | Jan 20, 2010 | 336 Pages | ISBN 9780767908955

  • Paperback$19.00

    Three Rivers Press | May 08, 2001 | 336 Pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 | ISBN 9780767901178

  • Ebook$13.99

    Crown Archetype | Jan 20, 2010 | 336 Pages | ISBN 9780767908955


My infatuation with golf was baffling, even to me. Almost none of my friends in New York played. Most, in fact, still viewed the game as a shameful, bourgeois absurdity. But I was forever dreaming about my next fix.

Part of its appeal no doubt had to do with the personal troubles I was going through at the time. Golf was a refuge. At home and at the office I hardly knew which end was up, but on the golf course the rules were clear. Order prevailed. Plus you had the tweeting birds and the gentle breezes and the bright green grass everywhere–the same elements that make mental asylums such pleasant places to spend time.

In addition to all that, I was steadily getting better, which was good for my ego. But this led to delusions. The primary cause of golf’s maddening addiction, I soon discovered, is that every golfer knows for a fact that he or she is actually much, much better than his scores would indicate.
–from The Fine Green Line

From the Hardcover edition.

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