Regulating the Poor

Paperback $18.00

Vintage | Sep 28, 1993 | 544 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9780679745167

  • Paperback$18.00

    Vintage | Sep 28, 1993 | 544 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9780679745167

  • Ebook$15.99

    Vintage | Feb 08, 2012 | 544 Pages | ISBN 9780307814647


“Uncompromising and provocative….By mixing history, political interpretation and sociological analysis, Piven and Cloward provide the best explanation to date of our present situation…no future discussion of welfare can afford to ignore them.”–Peter Steinfels, The New York Times Book Review

Table Of Contents

1. Relief, Labor, and Civil Disorder: An Overview

Part I: Relief and the Great Depression
2. Economic Collapse, Mass Unemployment, and the Rise of Disorder
3. The New Deal and Relief

Part II: Relief and the Years of Stability: 1940–1960
4. Enforcing Low-Wage Work: Statutory Methods
5. Enforcing Low Wage Work: Administrative Methods

Part III: Relief and the Urban Crisis
6. The Welfare Explosion of the 1960s
7. Agricultural Modernization and Mass Unemployment
8. Migration and the Rise of Disorder in the Cities
9. The Great Society and Relief: Federal Intervention
10. The Great Society: Local Consequences

Part IV: Relief, Deindustrialization, and the War Against Labor: 1970–1990
11. Poor Relief and the Dramaturgy of Work
12. Poor Relief and Theories of the Welfare State

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