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Cancer and the Search for Lost Meaning

Best Seller
Cancer and the Search for Lost Meaning by Pier Mario Biava
Paperback $15.95

Mar 10, 2009 | 168 Pages

  • Paperback $15.95

    Mar 10, 2009 | 168 Pages

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“This is without doubt one of the most remarkable books I have ever read. It is not like any other book—it is not one book, but three or more, integrated into a logical, organic unity.”
—From the foreword by Ervin Laszlo, bestselling author of more than seventy books including Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

“This book describes a new approach to the fight against cancer that is completely different from traditional approaches. It is based on treatment with stem cell differentiation stage factors and the idea that tumor cells—instead of being destroyed (with risks of adverse effects)—can be re-programmed.”
Il Corriere della Sera

“The cover story of the September 11, 2008 issue of The Economist, ‘Cancer Stem Cells: The Root of All Evil?’ cited many experiments that demonstrate that the malignancy of cancer is due to the presence of mutated stem cells. This is exactly the idea that Pier Mario Biava suggests in this book and that he demonstrated about twenty years ago. Dr. Biava is a genius who is changing the research on cancer diseases.”
Il Secolo d’Italia

Cancer and the Search for Lost Meaning is a well written, engaging, 168 page book chronicling Biava’s professional (and often personal) journey that led him to make these groundbreaking discoveries in regards to cancer treatment… Biava tells his story and makes his case for curing and treating cancer in a friendly, understandable style.”

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