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Teresa of Avila

Best Seller
Teresa of Avila by Tessa Bielecki
Paperback $18.95

Oct 01, 1996

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"In this fine introduction to the life and spiritual quest of the famous sixteenth century mystic, Mother Tessa Bielecki draws upon Teresa’s letters, poems, and soliloquies and other writings to chart Teresa’s spiritual journey. This slim volume opens with a brief biography portraying Teresa as deeply in touch with the things of this world as well as with her holy "Spouse" and the church to which she committed her life. The bulk of the book consists of succinct quotes from twelve different works. Readers can absorb the overview of Teresa of Avila’s spiritual life, then settle back to read her own words on the stages of the spiritual journey, from the "web of wonder" through "disillusionment and shattering" to "glory". Bielecki’s selections portray Teresa of Avila as a vibrant human being who loved good food, cherished friends and occasionally despaired but constantly persevered in her quest for "divine intimacy" with her Lord."— Publishers Weekly

"From these writings one is sure to find a passage that parallels one’s own life."—Cindy L.A. Jones, The Bloomsbury Review

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