cybergrrl! A Woman’s guide to the World Wide Web

Paperback $19.00

Jan 27, 1998 | 288 Pages

  • Paperback $19.00

    Jan 27, 1998 | 288 Pages

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The normal way to acquire a book in publishing is to be submitted a proposal by an agent, fall in love with it and buy it before anyone else can steal it away from you. The not-so-normal (yet increasingly popular) way is to read about someone who is doing something so interesting you just have find them and insist they do a book. The publisher of Ballantine sent me a Wall Street Journal clipping all about Aliza Sherman and her trail-blazing web company, Cybergrrl, with a note attached: "Anything here?" I read the article and got really excited, called information, and within ten minutes was speaking with Aliza herself. It’s amazing how many people are actually listed in Manhattan! She did have a book idea, and did have a proposal she was working on, so we met with her and her agent and within no time at all sealed the deal. I am to this day deeply impressed by her energy and ability to make things happen. As she tells her readers, she was not born a web-gen baby, she’s a little bit older and had to teach herself everything. Now she runs one of the hottest websites and businesses in the book! She is a credit to her sex.
A. Scheibe, Editor

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