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Suzanne Somers’ Slim and Sexy Forever

Paperback $17.99

Apr 25, 2006 | 336 Pages

Audiobook Download $14.98

Apr 12, 2005 | 300 Minutes

  • Paperback $17.99

    Apr 25, 2006 | 336 Pages

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“This program is specifically designed for dealing with weight loss in the second half of life. This is for the baby boomers. Our weight loss needs are different from our younger counterparts. When I was young, I could go on any diet and lose as much as I wanted—and fast. After forty, it’s not so easy. This program is the only one that addresses the issue of hormonal imbalance. You will not lose weight until you fix this problem.” —Suzanne Somers

“I lost almost 60 pounds three years ago Somersizing, but going through the change piled it back on. . . . Then I realized why—my hormones were so out of whack my body wasn’t working properly. Then I saw you on TV discussing The Sexy Years. . . . Within two weeks of starting my compounded natural hormones, I noticed my symptoms diminish, and the weight started melting off too! I’ve lost 28 pounds. I exercise daily, I’m eating fabulous foods (desserts too), my hormones are back in balance, and my darling husband of 30 years is happy to have his vibrant wife dragging him into the bedroom again! I will be a Somersizer and Bioidentical girl for life.” —Sherri Elliott

“Everything is so delicious and satisfying. . . . One thing is better than the next. I lost 160 pounds in fifteen months and have been maintaining now for about four months. And the best part is, I feel fantastic.” —Carol Ann Friedman

“I am fifty-four years old and began your plan in May of 2003. By November of 2003, I had lost 30 pounds and had gone from size 14-16 to a size 8. I am so thrilled to report that I have maintained the weight loss and am now a size 6, and have bought a few 4s. Never have I felt so healthy and so alive! It is a brand new way of life and a totally changed state of mind.” —Linda Cohen

From the Hardcover edition.

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