Malice in Cornwall

Ebook $7.99

Fawcett | Apr 02, 2009 | 240 Pages | ISBN 9780307557711

  • Ebook$7.99

    Fawcett | Apr 02, 2009 | 240 Pages | ISBN 9780307557711

Author Essay

The first thing that comes to mind when people mention Graham Thomas is that he is a perfectionist. He cares very deeply about quality, and he wants everything to be absolutely perfect. When we were preparing MALICE IN THE HIGHLANDS and MALICE IN CORNWALL for publication, Graham would e-mail us with continual changes; mistakes and ambiguity are not allowed. He is so enmeshed in his stories that he does not want anything to take the reader out of them, the way a clunky sentence, a typographical error, or an ambiguous speaker might. And that’s one of the many reasons I enjoy working on his books. They are entertaining, extremely well written, and as darn close to perfect as any book out there. And as managing editor at Ballantine, where part of my job is to ensure accuracy in all of our mass market paperbacks, Graham Thomas is a godsend. He makes my job easier and a lot more fun; I can hardly wait for his next manuscript to come my way.

Mark Rifkin, Managing Editorial
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