Ebook $7.99

Tundra Books | Jun 05, 2009 | Middle Grade (8-12) | ISBN 9781770490499

  • Paperback$8.95

    Tundra Books | May 09, 2006 | 120 Pages | 5-1/8 x 7-5/8 | Middle Grade (8-12) | ISBN 9780887766954

  • Ebook$7.99

    Tundra Books | Jun 05, 2009 | Middle Grade (8-12) | ISBN 9781770490499


“The book will appeal to a wide range of readers; the short chapters, and fun situations will appeal in particular to more reluctant readers. Hendry’s illustrations add much to the book, and readers will enjoy them. Room 207 is also suitable for a back-to-school read-aloud; students of all ages will enjoy the adventures and exploits of this unconventional Grade 5 class.”
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Praise for More Than You Can Chew:

“This is an exceptional young adult novel… that takes you on a painful journey, and drops you off at the end with a greater understanding of eating disorders, compassion towards those suffering from this illness, and the deep satisfaction one experiences when they have shared the lives of characters they enjoy and see triumph in the end.”
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“Marty’s struggles…will satisfy teens’ voracious appetites…”

“… Marnelle Tokio…tells a gripping, believable story about a strong, world-weary girl.”
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