Emperors and Idiots

Ebook $11.99

Anchor | Dec 18, 2007 | 416 Pages | ISBN 9780307418951

  • Paperback$15.95

    Anchor | May 09, 2006 | 416 Pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 | ISBN 9780767919104

  • Ebook$11.99

    Anchor | Dec 18, 2007 | 416 Pages | ISBN 9780307418951

  • Audiobook Download$13.75

    Random House Audio | Mar 15, 2005 | 300 Minutes | ISBN 9780739317518

  • Audiobook Download$20.00

    Random House Audio | Mar 15, 2005 | 816 Minutes | ISBN 9781415923689


“Mike Vaccaro dissects the always intense relationship between the Yankees and the Red Sox the way a scholarly grandfather could analyze the two sides of a family tree: with deep, detailed stories about the two teams and two cities that are nice or nasty and never dull. Every fan knows this rivalry cannot be rivaled in sports. But in a style that feels like a history lesson being taught from the bleachers, Vaccaro reminds us again and again why that is so true.” — Jack Curry, The New York Times national baseball columnist

“Exceptionally researched and cleanly written, [Emperors and Idiots] takes the subject seriously but doesn’t get bogged down in detail. Just about everyone who is anyone is interviewed and, amazingly, there are a few new stories here. But perhaps the best thing about this book is its evenhandedness.” —Yahoo! Sports

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