The Enchanted April

Paperback $14.95

NYRB Classics | Apr 03, 2007 | 376 Pages | 5 x 8 | ISBN 9781590172254

  • Paperback$14.95

    NYRB Classics | Apr 03, 2007 | 376 Pages | 5 x 8 | ISBN 9781590172254

  • Ebook$14.95

    NYRB Classics | Apr 13, 2011 | 376 Pages | ISBN 9781590174319


“A pleasant…little story, with some neat phrasing and a genuine feeling for color and for beauty.”–The New York Times

The Enchanted April sounds as if it would be an appallingly cloying cream puff of a fairy tale, but that would be to ignore that the author habitually kept a pot of lemon juice mixed with vinegar beside her ink-pot. With this bracing element there is additionally what can only be called a feast of flowers, hanging from every wall and pouring scent over the company.”–Times Literary Supplement

“[A]n expression of the propensity of people to be blind to the real secret of happiness, and that it showed how exquisitely men and women get upon each others’ nerves and how they suffer from each others’ egos.”–National Review

“…extraordinarily well written…it is witty, human, often very beautiful.”–Punch

“[A] comedy of absolutely flawless mirth…a very beautiful…and touching book.”–Chris Morley

“[A] restful, funny, sumptuous, and invigorating vacation for the mind and soul.” –500 Great Books By Women

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