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Graffito by Michael Walsh
Paperback $27.50

Oct 09, 1996 | 144 Pages

  • Paperback $27.50

    Oct 09, 1996 | 144 Pages


"Graffiti is a kick in the face to the Gallery/Museum system, where the artist is pimped like a whore for the capitalist system, made into another commodity for people to buy—Graffiti art is free for all to come and view, no one can own it, it belongs to all of us."
- Eskae, Oakland, California

"I think graffiti is vandalism, pure and simple. To them, to get busted is like a Purple Heart. Nobody really slams the doors on those thugs. These graffiti vandals are causing people pain and grief. They think they’re artists and have some right like free speech to express their individualism or artistry. If they want to be an artist they should go to work for a record company and do hip-hop CD covers. Graffiti might look good to them and their buddies, but the majority of the people don’t want to look at that crap every day."
- Gary Doyle, Public Works Officer, Nuisance Crime Abatement Unit, Oakland, California

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