Blinded by the Right

Ebook $11.99

Crown | Apr 24, 2002 | ISBN 9781400047765

  • Paperback$16.00

    Broadway Books | Feb 25, 2003 | 400 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9781400047284

  • Ebook$11.99

    Crown | Apr 24, 2002 | ISBN 9781400047765


“A chilling portrait . . . of a partisan attack machine.”—Washington Post

“A key document for historians seeking to understand the ethos of the incoherent ’90s.”—New York Times
“A cracking good story . . . Blinded by the Right is . . . something that is owed not only from its author but also from the political cadre he has so spectacularly served and forsaken: an apology.”—The New Yorker

“Anyone wishing to understand America in the 1990s will have to read [Brock’s] book.”—Los Angeles Times

“A fascinating look into the murky world of the politics of personal destruction.”—USA Today

“A mea culpa for an entire era.”—New York Times Magazine

“You cannot fully understand this fevered era without reading this book.”—The Nation

“If you’re looking for proof of corruption and immoral behavior among the nation’s most famous conservatives—read this book.”—Bill Press, CNN

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