The Perfect Name for the Perfect Baby

Ebook $8.99

Ballantine Books | Jan 26, 2011 | ISBN 9780307775078

  • Paperback$11.95

    Ballantine Books | Apr 06, 1993 | 368 Pages | 5 x 8 | ISBN 9780449906545

  • Ebook$8.99

    Ballantine Books | Jan 26, 2011 | ISBN 9780307775078

Author Essay

This is a beautifully packaged book that’s just great for a baby shower, when Moms-to-be (and Dads-to-be) haven’t yet come up with the name that’s right for their child!  Plus it’s a book that mentions ME, the editor of the book!  In the "Initials" section, which talks about how important figuring out the resulting initials can be when naming your child, it mentions that my parents took care to give me a middle name, so that I wouldn’t be saddled with the nickname EZ!  Besides the standard A-to-Z section that a lot of baby name books have, our book has lots of great other sections, from angelic names to names from the Bible, Saints, and Mythology, to Foreign Names and Names of Your Favorite Soap Stars (I watch "General Hospital" and "One Life to Live", so I made sure we got the most creative soap opera names from these two shows in here; the authors took care of the rest).   The authors behind this book are a great team, who not only wrote this book but the really fabulous CHICKEN SOUP AND OTHER FOLK REMEDIES and MORE CHICKEN SOUP AND OTHER FOLK REMEDIES.  –E. Zack, Sr. Editor

Also by Lydia Wilen
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