Armored Trains

Paperback $17.95

Jan 22, 2008 | 48 Pages

Ebook $13.95

Jul 19, 2011 | 48 Pages

  • Paperback $17.95

    Jan 22, 2008 | 48 Pages

  • Ebook $13.95

    Jul 19, 2011 | 48 Pages


"I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this new Edition and I’m now ready expand my modeling skills into this area. I’ve seen several examples of Armored Trains at past Conventions too…………ENJOY!!!!!!!!" -Jack Bruno, IPMS/USA (March 2009)

"Osprey’s books on armored trains and units of the Russian Civil War (RCW) are simply awesome. The Armored Trains book discusses the development of armored trains from the American Civil War (ACW) through its height in the 1920s to WWII… This Armored Trains book is my favorite of the three [from the series] — not only does it illustrate the trains… but it discusses the tactics in which they were used — a major plus!" -Michael Koznarsky, Historical Miniature Gamer (Issue 11)

"Valuable as an introduction to a huge and under-explored subject that is finally getting attention in model form. The size of the subject restricts the depth of the coverage as always, but shouldn’t put off anyone with an interest in the subject. As always with Steve Zaloga the content is clear and well-written and similarly with Tony Bryan as illustrator, the artwork is excellent." -David Maynard, Armorama (February 2008)

"Steven Zaloga tells the story of these interesting machines and backed by superb period photos and the artwork of Tony Bryan, provides you with an outstanding book on a truly unique subject. Get this one, you’ll be pleased you did." -Scott Van Aken, (January 2008)

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