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The Lucifer Effect

Paperback $18.00

Jan 22, 2008 | 576 Pages

Ebook $10.99

Mar 27, 2007 | 576 Pages

  • Paperback $18.00

    Jan 22, 2008 | 576 Pages

  • Ebook $10.99

    Mar 27, 2007 | 576 Pages

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William James Book Award WINNER 2008


The Lucifer Effect will change forever the way you think about why we behave the way we do—and, in particular, about the human potential for evil. This is a disturbing book, but one that has never been more necessary.”—Malcolm Gladwell
“An important book . . . All politicians and social commentators . . . should read this.”The Times (London)

“Powerful . . . an extraordinarily valuable addition to the literature of the psychology of violence or ‘evil.’”The American Prospect
“Penetrating . . . Combining a dense but readable and often engrossing exposition of social psychology research with an impassioned moral seriousness, Zimbardo challenges readers to look beyond glib denunciations of evil-doers and ponder our collective responsibility for the world’s ills.”Publishers Weekly
“A sprawling discussion . . . With this book, Zimbardo couples a thorough narrative of the Stanford Prison Experiment with an analysis of the social dynamics of the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, arguing that the ‘experimental dehumanization’ of the former is instructive in understanding the abusive conduct of guards at the latter.”Booklist
“In the Stanford Prison Experiment, Philip Zimbardo bottled evil in a laboratory. The lessons he learned show us our dark nature but also fill us with hope if we heed their counsel. The Lucifer Effect reads like a novel.”—Anthony Pratkanis, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology, University of California

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