Alternative Medicine Magazine’s Definitive Guide to Sleep Disorders

Ebook $12.99

Celestial Arts | Aug 20, 2013 | 272 Pages | ISBN 9780307816757

  • Paperback$16.95

    Celestial Arts | Aug 01, 2007 | 272 Pages | 6 x 9 | ISBN 9781587612633

  • Ebook$12.99

    Celestial Arts | Aug 20, 2013 | 272 Pages | ISBN 9780307816757


“In our sleep-deprived, caffeinated, overmedicated, and exhausted society, this book is the first and only comprehensive overview of the real reasons we can’¬?t sleep. If you are struggling to sleep better, this groundbreaking guide details effective and novel strategies that you will see nowhere else. It is the first and last place you’¬?ll need to search for answers.”-Mark Hyman, MD, editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and coauthor of Ultraprevention”This book’¬?s gold mine of invaluable information, used in conjunction with good medical advice from an accredited sleep disorders center, will help you get a good night’s rest. Physicians would be asleep at the switch if they did not add this book to their library.”-James B. Maas, Ph.D., Weiss, presidential fellow and professor at Cornell University, and author of Power Sleep

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