The Inventor’s Bible, 3rd Edition

Paperback $24.99

Jan 05, 2010 | 376 Pages

Ebook $15.99

Dec 21, 2011

  • Paperback $24.99

    Jan 05, 2010 | 376 Pages

  • Ebook $15.99

    Dec 21, 2011


“This definitive guide presents virtually everything you must know to promote and sell inventions without losing your shirt.”
—Joyce Lain Kennedy, syndicated “Careers Now” columnist, Tribune Media Services

“Inventors should add The Inventor’s Bible to their bookshelves immediately, but be certain to keep it within easy reach.”
—Don Kelly, former director, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
“Ron has outdone himself! Chock-full of information, tips, words of wisdom, and resources, The Inventor’s Bible will teach, prod, and motivate readers.”
—Stephen Paul Gnass, president, National Congress of Inventor Organizations
“This book could have saved me much time and heartbreak had I read it when I was beginning my invention career. It is a godsend!”
—Stanley I. Mason, Jr., inventor of granola bars and disposable diapers, and holder of fifty-five patents
“I unconditionally recommend The Inventor’s Bible to all inventors and businesses.”
—Michael S. Neustel, patent attorney and director, National Inventor Fraud Center
“The Inventor’s Bible is an excellent collection of practical information useful to all inventors.”
—Don Banner, former U.S. Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
“Inventors who read The Inventor’s Bible and follow its step-by-step instructions can now more easily reap the rewards of their own ingenuity.”
—Hugh Downs, network news anchor

Table Of Contents

foreword  xiii
Introduction  1
The Climate for Independent Inventors  2
Why Did I Write This Book?  3
What Is in This Book?  3
The Meaning of Success  4
Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 1)  6
Chapter 1   Commercialization 101  11
Moving from the Drafting Table to the Store Shelf
The Dilemma of Perceived Value  11
Is the Clock Ticking?  13
Prototype, Patent, or Market: Which to Do First?  13
Research Your Industry: The Real First Step  14
Is Licensing Your Invention the Way to Go?  16
Marketability versus Licensability  19
What Do You Have That You Can License?  20
Whom Can You License To?  22
So What Does It Take?  23
Keep It in Perspective  24
Case Study: Tire Technology  25
Chapter 2   Timing Is (Almost) Everything  31
Formulating Your Patent Strategy and Protecting What’s Yours
Just What Is a Patent?  32
How Necessary Is a Patent?  32
Safeguarding Your Proprietary Property  32
Patent Searches  34
Provisional Applications  39
Shop Rights for Employers and Institutions  40
Patent Partners  42
Some Strategies for Patent Holders  44
Foreign Patenting  46
Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 2)  47
Chapter 3   Market and Industry Research  51
Your Ticket to Free Expert Advice and Lasting Business Relationships
Just Talk to People  51
Market Position  55
The Consumer Product Pipeline  56
Pull-Through Sales  61
Mail-Order Markets  62
Interviewing for Industrial Inventions  64
Trade Associations  66
Trade Shows: What’s in Them for You?  67
Test Marketing  74
Why Interviewing Works  78
Anticipated Costs and Timetable  78
What’s Next?  79
Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 3)  80
Chapter 4   Time to Pick the Lineup  83
Qualifying and Contacting Appropriate Licensees
The Smooth Success  84
Picking the Lineup  86
Making Contact  90
What Decision Makers Can Tell You  91
Disclosure Agreements  97
Your Own Disclosure Agreement  99
Patent Strategy, Continued  104
Your Next Steps  105
Case Study: The Picture Perfect Deal? (Part 1)  107
Chapter 5   The Plan Comes Together  113
Submitting to Companies and Forming a Commercialization Strategy
A Few Words about Strategy  113
What to Submit  115
Initial Responses from Key Decision Makers  118
Determining Your Invention’s Market Value  120
Foreign Licensing and Patenting  124
Structuring a Licensing Deal  126
Joint Venture Opportunities  128
Life after Rejection  130
Case Study: The Picture Perfect Deal? (Part 2)  133
Chapter 6   Brass Tacks  145
Negotiating Your Compensation and Other Contract Terms
Royalties  146
Some Thoughts on Negotiating  147
The License Contract  148
Negotiating Contract Terms  149
Contract Terms  151
Other Terms  167
Who Will Determine the Terms and Conditions?  169
Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 4)  171
Chapter 7   Victory through Teamwork  175
When to Use Professional Help and How to Find the Best
Help with Patents  175
Help with Commercializing Your Invention  177
Help with Patent Infringement  180
Case Study: An Automotive Accessory (Part 5)  186
Conclusion   The End of the Rainbow  195
Afterword   The Future for Inventor’s Agents  197
Appendices  199
Appendix A–General Information Concerning Patents  199
Appendix B–Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries  216
Appendix C–Invention Evaluation Criteria  221
Appendix D–Risk/Reward Ratio Chart  225
Appendix E–Simplified Steps: A Quick-Reference Flow Chart of the Invention Commercialization Process  229
Appendix F–Disclosure Agreement  232
Resources  235
Government Contacts  235
Government Programs  236
Patent Searching and Patenting  240
Private Organizations  241
Publications for Inventors  245
Research Resources  245
Small Business Resources  249
Special Resources  251
Trade Shows  253
Glossary  255
Patent and new product marketing workbook  267
Index  354
About the Author  361

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