Field of Glory: Renaissance

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Field of Glory: Renaissance by Richard Bodley Scott
Hardcover $34.95

Sep 21, 2010 | 212 Pages

  • Hardcover $34.95

    Sep 21, 2010 | 212 Pages


“The book captures the atmosphere of battles [and] depicts the battle environments around the world from the Italian Wars of the early 16th century through the conflicts of the standing armies at the end of the 17th century. It covers from the massed pike formation on the open battlefield, to the mixed formations of pike and shot, up to the adoption of the socket bayonet; which made the pikeman just about obsolete.”
- (November 2010)

“This is one of the rare cases where I feel a wargaming book was priced too low.” -Chris Deboe, Laserlight

“…offers a fine set of wargaming rules for Renaissance tabletop gaming and is designed to both teach principles and allow players to focus on battlefield tactics and deployments.” – The Midwest Book Review

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