Questions and Topics for Discussion


From the very start of Tandem, we feel Lauryn’s burden of caring for her ailing father, while watching his mind slip away. Have you ever been torn by the need to care for someone you love and the desire to escape the burden?


Amede has to leave her sanctuary home and venture out to “a place of torture, loneliness in the midst of a crowd.” What circumstances are the cause of this in her life? Have you ever personally experienced this type of loneliness?


How has all the loss in Lauryn’s past caused barriers in her life towards relationships? How has this affected her relationship with God?


What parallels do we find in Lauryn & Amede’s lives?


Trapped, Eden’s memories and thoughts consume her. She carries a huge sense of guilt and shame over hurting and disappointing others. How can she free herself…physically? Mentally? Is it possible for her to find that absolution of sin she thinks about? Did her father?


Amede resents the curse of not growing old. Stuck in a perpetual fountain of youth, so to speak, she could only imagine what she was missing. Change is difficult in most people’s lives, would you want to stay 30 forever…while the rest of the world passed you by? What would be some benefits of this? What would you miss the most?


After the night of their highschool graduation and that first kiss, Billy left home to pursue his calling into missions. In what ways, do Lauryn and Billy misunderstand each other? How much of Lauryn’s heartache and anger is warranted?


Relationships and co-dependancy play a key role in Tandem. Amede and Eden. Lauryn and her father. Are there others? What did these relationships have to endure to get to a point of healing?


Throughout the book, Charley is an odd character, subtly manipulating others. How does he complicate the lives of Lauryn and Jill? What is his stake in the story?


Do you have any sympathy for Charley’s character and the choices he made? Why or why not?


We see a wide range of personalities and characteristics among the vampires. How does Amede differ from her half-sister? What parallels can we draw between them all?


The emotional and psychological connection between Amede and Eden had a deep impact on Amede’s behavior. What changed?


When the killings started again in Abbey Hills, did you begin to suspect Amede’s appetite could be changing?


Lauryn has never needed anyone besides her Dad. The realization that he would not be around forever left her empty and shaken. She needed something more. More than contentment. More than herself. How did she “know” when she had found it?


How would you describe Lauryn’s spiritual journey? What role does her father play in it? Can you relate to her hesitance in the pursuit of spirituality?

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