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American Privacy

Paperback $22.00

Jan 11, 2011 | 304 Pages

Ebook $21.99

Nov 01, 2009

  • Paperback $22.00

    Jan 11, 2011 | 304 Pages

  • Ebook $21.99

    Nov 01, 2009

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“This is a fascinating read for any American who wants a deeper understanding of one of the most important and contentious issues of our age.”—Geoffrey R. Stone, author of Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime
American Privacy is a deeply informed discussion of the history and present state of a fundamental American value. Frederick Lane’s detailed account of the attacks against our basic right to privacy is chilling.”—Craig Newmark, founder, craigslist
“From its humble beginnings as the right of citizens to not have their houses, papers, and persons searched without warrant, to the complex laws and regulations that we have today, Lane’s book lays out what our privacy is and how easily it can be compromised from all sides.”—Jonathon Howard, Sacramento Book Review
“Frederick Lane’s timely and lucid history lays bare how attacks on privacy by government and industry threaten democracy itself. Essential reading.”—Christopher M. Finan, author of From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act

Table Of Contents

1 The Declaration of Privacy
2 Postal Politics, Purity, and Privacy
3 Population, Punch Cards, and Privacy
4 Privacy in State Courts and Legislatures
5 No More Gentlemen: The Rise of Governmental Espionage
6 The Peeping Toms of Public Life
7 The Great Red Threats to Privacy: Credit Cards and Communism
8 Privacy’s Golden Hour: The Warren Court
9 “Toward Freedom from Fear”: The Privacy versus Security Debate Intensifies
10 The Phantom Delete Key: The Incredible Durability of Data
11 No PC Is an Island: The Rise of Online Communities
12 Electronic Exhibitionism and Voyeurism: Privacy in a Webbed World
Conclusion: The Perilous State of Privacy

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