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Homo Ludens

Paperback $20.00

Jun 01, 1971 | 232 Pages

Ebook $19.99

Jun 01, 1971

  • Paperback $20.00

    Jun 01, 1971 | 232 Pages

  • Ebook $19.99

    Jun 01, 1971

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“A must-read for anybody with serious interest in games and play. It is the classic work in the field, still more informative than any of the modern books on the subject.” —Chris Crawford, author of Chris Crawford on Game Design

“A fascinating account of ‘man the player’ and the contribution of play to civilization.” —Harper’s

“A writer with a sharp and powerful intelligence, helped by a gift of expression and exposition which is very rare, Huizinga assembles and interprets one of the most fundamental elements of human culture: the instinct for play. Reading this volume, one suddenly discovers how profoundly the achievements in law, science, poverty, war, philosophy, and in the arts, are nourished by the instinct of play.” —Roger Caillois, editor of Diogenes

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Also by Johan Huizinga

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