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In the Name of the Family

Best Seller
In the Name of the Family by Judith Stacey
Paperback $18.00

Sep 01, 1997 | 208 Pages

  • Paperback $18.00

    Sep 01, 1997 | 208 Pages

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[Stacey] argues forcefully against what she regards as the punitive and mean-spirited solutions offered by conservatives, such as efforts to get men back into the home by restoring their dominance there. . . . Members of the impoverished underclass, denied opportunities for work and training, and now being denied even the basic humane supports of life, aren’t ever going to be able to live like Ozzie and Harriet; to tell them they should is not only delusional but cruel. –Carol Tavris, The New York Times Book Review

“In the face of political retrenchment, Stacey-eloquent, moral, angry and smart-is always worth listening to. . . . [This book] offers us a first step toward imagining a world in which all families have a chance to love, and live, well.” –Virginia Scharff, The Women’s Review of Books

“Stacey makes her own case for a more realistic, more generous understanding of ‘family.’ Her arguments . . . show that islands of independent thinking have not been entirely submerged by the family values tsunami.”
–Amanda Heller, The Boston Globe

“Exposes the orchestrated right-wing campaign to convince President Clinton, the media, and many Americans that two-parent families are superior to other family structures.” —Hip Mama

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