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The Match

Paperback $16.00

Mar 08, 2011

Ebook $15.99

Apr 01, 2010

  • Ebook $15.99

    Apr 01, 2010

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“This is a wonderful story. . . . If a disease was killing your child, would you have another baby to try to save that child’s life? And if you did, would you fear that the new child’s life might be in danger as well? These are some of the very difficult questions that Stacy and Steve Trebing asked themselves before Stacy gave birth to another child, a little boy, who helped their daughter who might otherwise have died. Their story is chronicled in The Match.”—Barbara Walters, The View
The Match is a thought-provoking, extremely well-researched, and deeply personal account of one of the most controversial ethical dilemmas of our time. . . . A great story, and a remarkable work of journalism.”—Rachel Simon, author of Riding the Bus with My Sister
“The Match is a riveting, vividly written tale of what happens when two powerful forces—parental love and modern science—converge to try to help a very brave child through the deliberate conception of another.”—Liza Mundy, author of Everything Conceivable

Table Of Contents

1 “Mind If I Take One Last Ski Run?”
2 “What Do You Think It Is?”
3 “Never in a Million Years”
4 “This Is a Beautiful Embryo”
5 “For Them, the Dice Are a Bit Loaded”
6 “This Is for Desperate Couples”
7 “We Have Incomplete Information”
8 “I Could Never Do That”
9 “Why Me? Why This?”
10 “I Wish We Hadn’t Done It”
11 “The Easter Bunny Would Be Jealous”
12 “Come On, Baby”
13 “Take an Additional Folic Acid, in Case It’s Twins”
14 “Things Look Really Good”
15 “So Much of Who We Are Happens at the Beginning”
16 “It’s Hard to Tell Parents, ‘Don’t Do This’ ”
17 “There’s No Black-and-White Answer”
18 “We’re Not Going to Stop the Future”
19 “It’s a Boy!”
20 “I Like This Place a Lot”
21 “Now It’s Crunch Time”
22 “You Conceived Your Son for This?”
23 “Will I Get Handcuffed with My Kids?”
24 “This Is Mind-Boggling”
25 “Being a Mom Is the Coolest Gift”
26 “It’s Now or Never”
27 “Bubba’s My Brother”
28 “Good Luck”
29 “Her Body Is Healing”
30 “Why Are You Taking the Lights Down?”
31 “Back Up and Bling-Bling”
32 “It Goes So Fast”

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