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Platypus by Ann Moyal
Hardcover $21.95

Jul 17, 2001 | 240 Pages

  • Hardcover $21.95

    Jul 17, 2001 | 240 Pages


“If any animal has mystery and charisma, it is the platypus. This book tells its story, and it’s a winner . . . It has something for everyone—the excitement of a detective story, the history of biological ideas. . . . Read it and enjoy.”—Nature

“Few of the monotreme’s admirers have seen one in the wild; fewer still know the key roles platypuses have played in theories of evolution. . . . Moyal—a historian of science based in Canberra, Australia—sets out to tell us all this and more in a cleanly written tome combining scientific curiosities with narrative history.”—Publisher’s Weekly

“Moyal writes a spirited and eminently readable account of this odd Australian mammal. . . . Well illustrated with period engravings of both the animal and the scientists who fought over it, as well as photographs of the living animal, this lively overview of the platypus is recommended for all libraries.”—Booklist

“Moyal’s sublime Platypus traces the wild and raucous history of the antipodean creature’s introduction to the world. Part history, part mystery, Platypus details how the European scientific community was able to understand this Australian oddity. . . . [This book is] as remarkable and delightful as its bizarre subject.”—New York Resident

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