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Paperback $27.50

Smithsonian Books | May 17, 2002 | 352 Pages | 6 x 9 | ISBN 9781588340481

  • Paperback$27.50

    Smithsonian Books | May 17, 2002 | 352 Pages | 6 x 9 | ISBN 9781588340481


“In this attractive, well-illustrated book, Richard Fortey traces a more or less chronological progression from early Precambrian life through the vertebrates, including hominids, giving due credit to the diversity and abundance of invertebrate fossils. Fortey also explains the essential biological, taxonomic and geological concepts that underlie paleontology . . . Fortey maintains the reader’s interest throughout by his use of lyrical, commonly humorous language and excellent black-and-white drawings and color photographs . . . This book offers an excellent introduction to paleontology, pulling together in a concise manner the multiple facets that make contemporary paleontology a dynamic and exciting field of study.”—Samantha A. Harlow and Joseph G. Carter, American Scientist

“This book is not a field guide, yet it provides essential information that many field guides lack. It is not a picture book, yet it provides many good pictures of fossils. It is not a textbook, yet it provides excellent text on fossils. So, what is it? Answer: It is a rarity among its flashier rivals in the publishing trade. Fossils is a clearly written, straightforward book . . . This is an excellent and intelligent book.”—William C. Philips, The Science Teacher

“[This book] is written in a clear and engaging style, technical terms are minimized but well defined, and complex concepts are simplified yet accurately presented such that both novice and professional will profit from this work . . . Fortey’s many years of service as a paleontologist with the British Museum of Natural History prepared him well for the technical material presented, but his superb writing ability will account for much of the probable success of this book. It should appeal . . . to anyone interested in a very readable account of the history of life on our planet.”—Choice

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