The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

Paperback $18.95

Quirk Books | Apr 05, 2011 | 320 Pages | 7 x 7 | ISBN 9781594744389

  • Paperback$18.95

    Quirk Books | Apr 05, 2011 | 320 Pages | 7 x 7 | ISBN 9781594744389

  • Ebook$18.95

    Quirk Books | Dec 03, 2013 | 320 Pages | ISBN 9781594747014


“Too few people understand a really good sandwich.”—James Beard

“Presented as an encyclopedia with alphabetical entries, it is an easy-to-use guide for ideas and neglected ingredients. A reliable sandwich stop from A to Z”—Library Journal

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches, by Susan Russo, is stuffed with fun history and many of the recipes that make sandwiches a favorite handheld food.”—Everyday Food

“A compendium that’s worth the bread.”—Thrillist

“The book is compact, and the recipes are tempting and not overly involved. A nice touch is a six-page ingredient index, listing breads, condiments, sauces, meats, cheeses, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts that appear in Russo’s recipes. What to do with those pineapple rings in the fridge? There’s a recipe that uses them.”—Bill Hogan, Chicago Tribune

“The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches is a fun read that will inspire creativity between sliced bread (or in a bun or pita pocket) and is a great resource to regale your friends with random sandwich facts. […] It will also leave you seriously jonesing for a sandwich.”—Katie Machol, Creative Loafing

Also by Susan Russo

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