No Longer Human, part 2

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No Longer Human, part 2 by Osamu Dazai
Paperback $10.95

Dec 06, 2011 | 194 Pages | Young Adult

  • Paperback $10.95

    Dec 06, 2011 | 194 Pages | Young Adult


“What made the original No Longer Human so great — and what has been carried forward into this version — is not just the fact that it has such an impact, but that it uses its impact to connect to things that haven’t diminished with the passage of time…We are moved most profoundly by tragedy not because pain is more worthy of art than joy, but because it’s loss (and, perhaps, the salvation and redemption that can come afterwards) that inspires use to reflect and understand far more deeply than simply winning… Great art, no matter how much sadness it encompasses, is exhilarating because it showcases people working at the top of their game.” – Genji Press 

“Never have I read a manga which made me understand and feel what it meant to be no longer human…For a first volume, [No Longer Human, part 1] was beautiful and I loved it dearly to feel the need to write this. And how I wished it had garnered enough attention in Japan for it to merit some kind of award because personally, I felt Furuya deserved it…If darkness made me understand the other side of humanity, then I don’t mind sinking deeper.” – Otaku Champloo

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