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Paperback $18.00

Sep 04, 2012 | 288 Pages

Ebook $17.99

Sep 06, 2011

  • Paperback $18.00

    Sep 04, 2012 | 288 Pages

  • Ebook $17.99

    Sep 06, 2011

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“Full of colorful detail.”—James Sullivan, Boston Globe
“Smith skillfully follows two nar­ratives—the founding and growth of the Redskins franchise and the move to integrate pro football—until they collide in 1961.”—The Sunday News
“A classic gridiron tale for history junkies and avid sports fans alike.”—Phillip Hoose, author of Hoosiers
“Thoroughly researched … does a fine job of filling in this bleak episode on our cultural history.”—Michael Tomasky, The New York Review of Books
“In a fascinating narrative, indefatigable team owner George Marshall is an aging football lion surprised to find himself backed into a corner by the gathering forces of a new era.”—John Eisenberg, author of That First Season

Table Of Contents


“Redskins Told: Integrate or Else”

1) Boston Beginnings
2) Out of Bounds
3) The Redskins March
4) Leveling the Field
5) The Washington Whiteskins
6) The Owner, the Journalist, and the Hustler
7) The Black Blitz
8) The New Frontier
9) Showdown
10) Hail Victory
11) Running Out the Clock

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