Darkness Falling

Ebook $5.99

Angry Robot | Sep 27, 2011 | 416 Pages | ISBN 9780857661708

  • Paperback$12.99

    Angry Robot | Sep 27, 2011 | 400 Pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 | ISBN 9780857661692

  • Ebook$5.99

    Angry Robot | Sep 27, 2011 | 416 Pages | ISBN 9780857661708


“An old-fashioned story written with a contemporary sensibility… Terrific!” – Charles de Lint (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction)

“To be read and shared and loved.” – Joe Hill

“Crowther’s twisted rapture is a fast-paced, character-driven, funny, gruesome apocalypse. Forever Twilight will cast a shadow on your soul.” – Stephen Baxter

“[The novel] very intelligently and deftly invokes a host of cinematic spookshows from Invasion of the Body Snatchers onwards.” – Asimov’s

“As intensely menacing and gruesome as any George Romero film, Darkness, Darkness also recalls the classic novels of American small-town terror and offers mystery as well. A virtuoso ‘tour de force’.” – Ramsey Campbell

“A riveting read.” – The Guardian (on Forever Twilight: Darkness, Darkness)

“Peter Crowther is a hidden gem… It’s science fiction meets horror with a slightly old-fashioned Rod Serling feel.” – David Marshall, San Francisco Book Review

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