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Confessions of a Poet Laureate

Best Seller
Confessions of a Poet Laureate by Charles Simic
Ebook $3.99

Dec 28, 2010 | 48 Pages

  • Ebook $3.99

    Dec 28, 2010 | 48 Pages

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“Charles Simic’s writing comes dancing out on the balls of its feet, colloquially fit as a
fiddle, a sparring partner for the world.”–Seamus Heaney

“Few poets have been as influential–or as inimitable–as Charles Simic.”–The New
York Times Book Review

“Simic’s is a unique and necessary voice in American poetry, one that concisely articulates
a profound aversion to simplistic answers and bland comforts. Simic’s brooding lyrics
are eloquently spare, like bare tree limbs in moonlight or a tenement fire escape bathed in
neon.” –Booklist

“A master of the surreal, Simic packs his poems full of horror movies, bleak jokes, savage
ironies and the things an insomniac notices on the ceiling.” –People

“A master craftsman…” –Library Journal

“. . . Simic brings off a masterfully casual beauty, whether discussing the creation of
poetry and the poet’s social role, praising food and the blues, or relating the travails of
youth.” –Kirkus Reviews

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