US Navy A-1 Skyraider Units of the Vietnam War

Paperback $22.95

Mar 31, 2009 | 112 Pages

Ebook $15.95

Feb 19, 2013 | 96 Pages

  • Paperback $22.95

    Mar 31, 2009 | 112 Pages

  • Ebook $15.95

    Feb 19, 2013 | 96 Pages


"Designed and built on a carrier-based attack aircraft, the A-1 never saw combat in World War II and eventually was viewed as dated. But it proved its worth during the Korean War and earned a reputation as a craft able to carry any weapon in the naval arsenal. This history comes packed with black and white photos and is a ‘must’ for any serious military collection." -California Bookwatch (June 2009)

"Number 77 in Osprey’s ‘Combat Aircraft’ series, US Navy 1-2 Skyraider Units of the Vietnam War combines the skills of two former editors of Naval Aviation News, Richard R Burgess and Rosario M Rausa, the latter of whom had the personal experience of flying A-1s in two combat tours over Vietnam. All Navy units that served between 1960 through final withdrawal from the theater in 1969 are covered, with photos and color profiles to illustrate some of the striking markings with which the Spads went into battle. Firsthand accounts add a vital extra dimension to the narrative, including the occasional hair-raising encounters these lumbering but tough old birds had with surface-to-air missiles and MiG-17a – two of which were shot down by Skyraiders in the course of the war." -Jon Guttman, Vietnam Magazine (August 2009)

"Overall, it is an excellent book on a subject that is both historically significant and fascinating to read. It is one I can highly recommend." -Scott Van Aken, (April 2009)

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