Born This Way

Ebook $9.99

Quirk Books | Oct 09, 2012 | ISBN 9781594746000

  • Hardcover$14.95

    Quirk Books | Oct 09, 2012 | 128 Pages | 5 x 7-1/2 | ISBN 9781594745997

  • Ebook$9.99

    Quirk Books | Oct 09, 2012 | ISBN 9781594746000


“The book, a sweet and fun reminder to accept all of our children takes maybe an hour to read, but that includes lingering over the photos, which truly deserve to be lingered over.”—

“…an amazing new book….”—Huffington Post “Gay Voices”

“…[a] touching compendium of LGBT people recounting how they came to realize they were gay and sharing their subsequent coming out stories.”—Metro
“From stories of wearing Mom’s dresses to little girls who just wanted to be tough guys, Born This Way serves some sweet—albeit brief—messages of joy and strength.”—Instinct Magazine

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