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Sep 25, 2012 | 400 Pages

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Sep 25, 2012

  • Ebook $6.99

    Sep 25, 2012

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“With a candid style that exhibits solid confidence and finesse, Chris Holm pulls readers in and pins us to the edge of our seats”
New York Journal of Books

“A strong urban fantasy that will cement Holm’s reputation in the field.”
Paul Simpson, SciFi Bulletin

“Beyond the humor, Chris Holm’s real talent is keeping the plot moving at breakneck pace. He doesn’t set a ticking clock, but he effectively drives home the danger of every delay, and builds action sequences that race along. He also knows how to build horrific scenes, using these moments to drive home how dire the outlook is if Sam doesn’t resolve things quickly.”
Untitled United

“Holm’s established himself with this one. It’s smart (the winking references to pop culture alone will make savvy readers grin) and packs a hefty wallop of action as well as setting up several dominoes for the next book.”
Raging Biblioholism

“It’s a fun adventure, a cross-country fantastical crime spree that fans of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and the TV show Supernatural will likely enjoy. It hits all the right notes as both a buddy comedy and a horror show.”
Neliza Drew, Criminal Element

“I love Holm’s creativity and his willingness to not simply follow the herd of current fiction trends. The Wrong Goodbye is a great novel, filled with adventure and a straightforward storytelling style that makes this book a real treat.”
Kristin, OwlCat Mountain

“I feel like this series is only getting stronger.”
Every Read Thing

“Pacing is brisk (but not overwhelming), the action is intense (but not distracting) and, once again, the flashbacks are well-placed and reveal more of Sam, serving to increase our sympathy for him even further.”

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