The Flowers of War

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Random House Audio | Feb 07, 2012 | 330 Minutes | ISBN 9780449013472

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    Other Press | Feb 07, 2012 | ISBN 9781590515570

  • Audiobook Download$15.00

    Random House Audio | Feb 07, 2012 | 330 Minutes | ISBN 9780449013472

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“I have long been a fan of Geling Yan’s fiction for its power to disturb us out of our ordinary worlds…The Flowers of War is [a] riveting tale that touches us at the center of our being.” —Amy Tan, New York Times bestselling author of The Joy Luck Club

“I will never forget some of the characters in this short novel for their amazing acceptance of their destiny and their dignity throughout. That [Yan] was able to convey this with so much authority, yet so simply, is testament to [her] splendid talent.” –The Arts Fuse

“Yan’s book is oddly moving, with a chilling ending that celebrates the triumph of human goodness.” –Belletrista

“The prose…is clear and straightforward. The people are vividly drawn, believable, and capable of surprising the reader. As the characters’ situation grows more perilous, we come to truly care about their individual fates. The climax of the story provides an enormous emotional jolt. What happens is heartbreaking yet in a sense inspiring, making this a truly unforgettable novel.” –Historical Novel Society

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