Hardcover $17.95

Oct 09, 2012 | 352 Pages | Young Adult

Ebook $10.99

Oct 09, 2012 | Young Adult

  • Hardcover $17.95

    Oct 09, 2012 | 352 Pages | Young Adult

  • Ebook $10.99

    Oct 09, 2012 | Young Adult

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“The Bridge shows how hard it can be to tell right from wrong, especially in the face of war. This page-turner and first novel is well placed for a sequel.’
—Weekend Australian

“War propels a boy from the privileged side of town across the bridge to the enemy, where he learns the real causes of the war and about his own history…. A suspenseful and entertaining debut.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“This grim first novel, set on a not-so-distant future Earth … packs a significant emotional wallop…. Higgins works hard to expose the religious and racial bigotry lurking behind so many military conflicts, and she is adept at showing that, frequently, neither side is without blame.”
Publishers Weekly

“…the gritty, painfully tense passages describing the ways in which war affects children – teens in particular – are compelling and deftly written.”
The Horn Book

“…truly an engrossing and compelling story…. Higgins’ depiction of a world gone mad on war and drunk on power and fear is on par with the best that dystopian literature has to offer…. The Bridge surpasses its contemporaries as it delves into areas rarely explored so convincingly by others in the genre … avid enthusiasts of dystopian literature … should not pass on The Bridge….”
—Highly Recommended, CM Magazine

“. . . Readers will easily see themselves in Nik, a young man unsure of his place and uncertain of who is in the right. The popularity of dystopias will ensure that this story has appeal, and it will also make readers think.”
– School Library Journal

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