The Berlin Wall

Paperback $18.95

Feb 19, 2008 | 64 Pages

Ebook $13.95

Oct 23, 2012 | 64 Pages

  • Paperback $18.95

    Feb 19, 2008 | 64 Pages

  • Ebook $13.95

    Oct 23, 2012 | 64 Pages


"Here is a good account of the early border fences and how they grew into formidable obstacles designed to keep people in… Anyone interested in "what if" wargaming should certainly know their likely effect on either a Soviet attack on the West or a Western counter-attack. Recommended." -John Prigent, Internet Modeler (March 2008)

"The book is well illustrated including illustrations showing how the East Germans sealed off water obstacles and other barriers that could leave gaps in their barrier. This is a title anyone interested in the Cold War and security will find of great interest." -J.E. Kaufmann, SiteO (March 2008)

"Author Gordon Rottman tells the story of the building and upgrading of the border with photos of the various installations as they grew. The history of the men and organizations that had to man these border posts is also included. Illustrator Chris Taylor adds his skills to the work and combined with period photographs, gives an excellent look at this most unfortunate part of man’s attempt to keep a population at bay. It is a book that I found quite intriguing and I’m sure you will find it equally fascinating." -Scott Van Aken, (March 2008)

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