Desire of the Everlasting Hills

Ebook $12.99

Anchor | Apr 28, 2010 | 368 Pages | ISBN 9780307755100

  • Paperback$16.95

    Anchor | Feb 13, 2001 | 368 Pages | 5-3/16 x 8 | ISBN 9780385483728

  • Ebook$12.99

    Anchor | Apr 28, 2010 | 368 Pages | ISBN 9780307755100

  • Audiobook Download$14.95

    Random House Audio | Jul 05, 2000 | 540 Minutes | ISBN 9780553750416


"Divertingly instructive—gratifying—. [Cahill] makes Jesus a still-living literary presence."—The New York Times

"Engaging—. Cahill strips away the pious accretions of 2000 years so that a picture of Jesus as an actual human being emerges."—BookPage

"A deft march through time and through theology in the making—. [Cahill’s] own gift-giving is his ability to climb inside the scholarship and enliven it."—Philadelphia Inquirer

"Cahill constructs his stories as occassions for celebration…He seeks to encourage a sense of appreciation for the gifts offered the present from the past…Each of his books offers moments of genuine insight into the workings of culture, literature, and the human heart." -Luke Timothy Johnson, Commonweal

"Compelling—powerful—. Cahill is a convivial storyteller."—Portland Oregonian

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