Vanished Armies

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Vanished Armies by AE Miller
Ebook $7.95

Mar 19, 2013 | 128 Pages

  • Ebook $7.95

    Mar 19, 2013 | 128 Pages


“Vanished Armies: A Record of Military Uniform Observed and Drawn in Various European Countries During the Years 1907 to 1914, is, with its realistic figure drawings, vivid colour and artist’s notes, a fascinating, handsome volume. It was published at the behest of the Army Museum’s Ogilby Trust, to which many of the paintings were bequeathed by the artist’s daughter.” -The Times (January 2010)

Vanished Armes offers a collection painted in the early 1900s by author AE Haswell Miller, a Scottish artist and army officer fascinated by military dress. It appears in print for the first time and provides a collection of watercolors and notes, key to any military history collection.” -The Midwest Book Review (February 2010)

“As a student of military history, uniforms, toy soldier and military miniatures, I have found this book to be a highly valuable reference source… Enthusiasts also have three kind of books in their collections: The ones that seemed like a good idea at the time, the good books and the really great books. Vanished Armies is a very special book. I am sure that it will be put in readers’ really great book category.” -Joe DeMarco, Toy Soldier & Model Figure

“Miller’s hand is talented, and he is able to capture the essence of dignity, pride, and tradition in these soldiers’ uniforms just before, as the title suggests, they vanished.  The vast majority of Vanished Armies is dedicated to displaying the color plates Miller created. Beyond a couple of paragraphs introducing the recent history of the uniforms, the text mostly closely resembles footnotes in the back of a book, or perhaps foreshadowed numbered bullet points, as we would call them today. Military history buffs will also enjoy Vanished Armies.  It covers a time period often overlooked in wargaming, but perhaps has no equal in terms of visual appeal of the soldiers.  I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the topic.” -Jim Zabek, The Wargamer / (March 2010)

“This is truly an outstanding work and is one that should be in the collection of enthusiasts of this particuilar time period. A real jewel of a book and one that I can easily recommend to you.” – Scott Van Aken, Modeling Madness

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