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Pi by Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann
Hardcover $28.99

Aug 31, 2004 | 324 Pages

  • Hardcover $28.99

    Aug 31, 2004 | 324 Pages


“There is something for everyone in this book and everyone should read this book because it will be for some, a revelation that mathematics can be fun and beautiful, something they may not have realized during earlier encounters. Math teachers will find a host of ideas to enrich their instruction since Pi, as you know, comes up everywhere. This book is highly recommended and should provide a major step toward increasing the popularity of mathematics.”

-Education Update

“A joyful exploration…written in a conversational style reminiscent of children’s science books. The writing is clear and crisp and draws the reader into the author’s enthusiasm…I highly recommend [this book] to high school and college students and teachers of both. The book captures the excitement and fascination of pi and can serve as a starting point for more detailed discussion.”

-Mathematics Teacher

“I enjoyed reading the book…for its many applications, curiosities, and anecdotes.”


“Readers curious about pi could start here…Recommended.”

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