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The Dialectical Method

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The Dialectical Method by Clark Butler
Paperback $39.00

Dec 20, 2011 | 276 Pages

  • Paperback $39.00

    Dec 20, 2011 | 276 Pages

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“The Dialectical Method is very helpful in throwing important light on the power of dialectical thinking. With precise knowledge of Hegel’s system and careful analytic intelligence in making its guiding concerns intelligible to the non-Hegelian, Butler offers what some admirers and many critics of Hegel deem impossible—the formalization of Hegel’s dialectical logic. Claims to succeed in this translation from dialectical to formal logic will raise important disputes, but the complex arguments offered by this well-respected Hegel scholar illuminate the central Hegelian themes and are well deserving of serious attention.”
—William Desmond, David Cook Visiting Chair in Philosophy, Villanova University, past president of the Hegel Society of America, and professor of philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

“Clark Butler goes further than Jean Hyppolite’s path-breaking article of the 1950s in connecting the ideas of Hegel with psychoanalysis. Butler points to a justified optimism in Hegel because he accepts a radical teleology that pushes human civilization toward mastering both the otherness of nature and the painful dependence upon other human beings.”
—Wilfried Ver Eecke, professor of philosophy, Georgetown University, teaching psychoanalysis as an affiliated faculty member in the psychology department.

“Hegel’s dialectical logic displays a kind of necessitation present unwittingly in historical reality as well as in thought and alone makes them intelligible. That necessitation cannot be understood by standard textbook formal logic of self-conscious reasoning. Clark Butler provides unique and indispensable help in understanding how dialectical necessitation works and how it depends upon and interweaves with standard logic. Such understanding is of great importance, because standard logic alone has never been remotely capable of elucidating the necessary connections that structure thought, language, and life. Of these connections Hegel is the master, and this book goes far to make his contributions to philosophy intelligible.”
—Dallas Willard, professor of philosophy at the University of Southern California

“Clark Butler’s The Dialectical Method is the finest and most illuminating study of the purely dialectical and purely logical methods of Hegel’s thinking, and while we are living in the time of perhaps the most creative of all periods of Hegelian interpretation, Hegel’s dia-lectical method has remained tantalizingly opaque until the publication of this all too important book.”
—Thomas J. J. Altizer, author of The New Gospel of Christian Atheism and Godhead and the Nothing.

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