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Dennett and Ricoeur on the Narrative Self

Best Seller
Dennett and Ricoeur on the Narrative Self by Joan Mccarthy
Paperback $39.99

Jul 17, 2007 | 298 Pages

  • Paperback $39.99

    Jul 17, 2007 | 298 Pages

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“With this careful and critical exposition of two narrative theories of selfhood, Joan McCarthy advances our understanding not only of how selves are best understood, but why it matters that we get this right. Her book is an invaluable addition to the literature on narrative approaches to ethics.”

—Hilde Lindemann (Nelson)
Author of Damaged Identities, Narrative Repair and
Editor of Stories and Their Limits: Narrative Approaches to Bioethics

“What a gift—Joan McCarthy offers a wonderfully lucid, readable commentary and critique of two of the most indispensable but difficult narrative philosophers. McCarthy summarizes a broad range of texts by Dennett and Ricoeur, showing which arguments matter and how, and always keeping the story moving. Her book is a welcome contribution to scholars in all disciplines concerned with narrative.”

—Arthur W. Frank, author of
The Wounded Storyteller: Body, Illness, and Ethics and
The Renewal of Generosity: Illness, Medicine, and How to Live

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