Paperback $12.95

Jun 03, 2014 | 144 Pages

Ebook $16.95

Jun 04, 2013 | 144 Pages

  • Paperback $12.95

    Jun 03, 2014 | 144 Pages

  • Ebook $16.95

    Jun 04, 2013 | 144 Pages


“A fascinating short book.”— New York Times Magazine

“A dark, brilliant book”—Michael Hardt, Artforum

“A polemic as finely concentrated as a line of pure cocaine”—Los Angeles Review of Books

“A humane & bracingly splenetic counterblast.”—Steven Poole, New Statesman

24/7 is the capstone of Crary’s archeology of the spectacle and arguably the most significant of the lot. It’s informed by the erudition of one of the most thorough and original researchers on the planet. The vast bodies of knowledge Crary seamlessly weaves together in 24/7 is reminiscent of the work of Michel Foucault…[and] marked by a moral passion that fuels Crary’s polemic and underscores what’s at stake, specifically the future of the human being in both the physical and emotional sense. Plus, it’s eminently readable.”—PopMatters

“The 24/7 phantasmagoria of digital exchange impresses the commodity deep into the body’s tissues, leaving only sleep as a partial respite. Jonathan Crary updates Marcuse’s One Dimensional Man with a vigilant critique of the totality of the seemingly eternal present of this pseudo-world.”
—McKenzie Wark, author of The Spectacle of Disintegration

“Crary’s polemic against the demands of 24/7 capitalism brilliantly illuminates the devastating effects of our changed temporality. Enjoined to constant productivity, we consume ourselves, our world, and our capacity collectively to imagine a common future. This is a crucial commentary on the format and tempo of contemporary life.”—Jodi Dean, author of The Communist Horizon

“[An] intelligent and intriguing discussion of how modern monopoly capitalism insinuates itself into the most intimate aspects of our lives…24/7 is a masterful exploration of the place of the human individual, their dreams and the future of the species in today’s age of nonstop neoliberal capitalism and its multitude of manifestations.”—CounterPunch
“Crary makes a smart argument … astute and far-seeing” – Erwin Montgomery and Christine Baumgarthuber, The New Inquiry

From the Hardcover edition.

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