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The Spirit of Terrorism

Paperback $19.95

Jan 16, 2013 | 96 Pages

Ebook $9.99

Sep 24, 2014

  • Paperback $19.95

    Jan 16, 2013 | 96 Pages

  • Ebook $9.99

    Sep 24, 2014

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“What he calls the ‘spirit of terrorism’ is the waking nightmare of fantasy become reality, which means that in the West, we are all, whether of the right or left, now engaged in a murderous game, the rules of which are constantly being changed, not according to the globalized strategies of the western powers, but according to the inscrutable, ultimately unknowable, demands of ‘the enemy’ … Baudrillard … offers a sober and hard-headed commentary on the events of September 11 and their aftermath. Significantly, there is no trace of the specious and pretensious nihilism that is so often claimed as the hallmark of his thinking. Rather, he offers a clear analysis of the terrible miscalculations in the West that have brought us to this point, and which seem to offer us no way back from the spectral ‘war on terrorism.” —New Statesman

“… philosophical perfection. Each book [in the Verso series of 9-11] offers powerful and highly readable commentary that whirlwinds around the specter of the towers, and together the texts raise an indelibly valuable dialogue where many are still afraid to step. Unbreakable, these volumes are filled with extraordinary ideas and ideals that slowly piece together from one poetic line to the next.” —XLR8R Magazine

“First prize for cerebral coldbloodedness goes to French philosopher Jean Baudrillard … It takes a rare, demonic genius to brush off the slaughter of thousands on the grounds that they were suffering from severe ennui brought about by boring modern architecture.” —New York Times Book Review

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