Proletarian Nights

Ebook $29.95

Verso | Apr 08, 2014 | 478 Pages | ISBN 9781844678495

  • Paperback$29.95

    Verso | Apr 17, 2012 | 478 Pages | 6-1/10 x 9-3/10 | ISBN 9781844677788

  • Ebook$29.95

    Verso | Apr 08, 2014 | 478 Pages | ISBN 9781844678495


“With its innovative approach, Rancière’s difficult and provocative interpretation is essential reading.”—Choice

“Rancière’s brilliant book … locates the nineteenth-century origins of European socialism not in the noble desire of artisans to control their own labor but in the utopian visions of working-class poets who wanted to be free of labor altogether … This is a powerful, piercing, and radical argument … Rancière has merged his philosophical and historical interests into a profound commentary on the possibilities of human freedom and of the violence done to those possibilities in freedom’s name.”—Oral History Review

“Drury’s translation puts it into English as directly and comprehensibly as possible. It’s a difficult job to do well, and the translator’s work goes a long way toward making the book more readable.”—Book News

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